It doesn’t matter if your startup is an early stage, mid stage or boosting stage. It’s never too late a have a digital marketing plan. That means you have goals, you want to increase your online sales or simply you are overwhelmed with all the information and need help.

The digital plan does not have to be an extended document. The important is to have your business goals very clear.

6 reasons you need a digital strategy plan


1. You don’t know your business goals

Many entrepreneurs don’t have a business plan with clear strategic goals. You have gone with the flow and lost the first reasons who you want to reach, how and why.

2. You have no idea what your competitors are doing

Ok so great, you have your product and have done a small benchmark. But my friend that is not enough. You need to do an extensive research of your competitors what social networks are they in, what type of networking events are they attending, are they recruiting etc?

You have to create yourself a document with all this information and must be updated. information comes a go easily

3. You don’t know your online customers that well

You have gathered information from the internet about the type of customers you may have. Again, that is not enough. Digital marketing it’s about gathering information from your website, visitors with Google analytics.  Collect information, create a buyer persona profile, analyse them, adapt your content for their need and repeat. You can also create feedback tools and collect information.

4. Your digital services are outsourced

Let suppose you have your website was done, you have a freelance web developer, a freelance designer and looking to hire an intern in community management. Well no, you are doing it wrong.

As a small business, first, you need a digital marketing strategy and keep it in-house. Do not outsource these services, it’s a waste of money. As these figures need to work close under the same management with a digital marketing manager. Once you grow and become a multinational startup like Uber or Airbnb then yes you can outsource these services all in one place. But you will still need a digital marketing manager in-house to manage all marketing actions, the advertising agencies and respect the budgets.

5. You don’t have enough budget for digital marketing

Digital marketing is not always about paid advertising and Google Adwords. It’s about planning your website content, analyse your website traffic, collect data and adapt the content to educate your buyer personas. Work on your SEO to get organic content to your website and handle your social networks. You will need a digital marketing manager.

6. You don’t have time for digital marketing

digital marketing is overwhelming

Whether you already started by analysing your data from Google Analytics but you don’t know where to start or you have too much to think about for your startup. Try to find some funds, your business development strategy etc that is a sign you need a digital marketing manager by your side.



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