Many of the entrepreneurs and startups that have worked for, did not have a defined digital marketing strategy. Most of SME‘s goes with the flow when talking about their marketing activity. They use interns to do that job. But hey, guess what! you can indeed hire an intern to do the job for you but here is the thing: you need to have a plan, sales goals with meaningful results. And I don’t think an intern can handle that type of pressure on their own.

I will help you crafting a step by step digital marketing strategy with the top important tasks you need to tackle.


1. Define your buyer persona

This topic goes beyond the demographic descriptions of your target customers. You need to do a detailed research about:

  • their social media habits
  • emotional needs and goals
  • Hobbies and interests
  • priorities in life
  • aspirations
  • Observe how they interact with social media

You can get a full report from your google analytics, facebook audience report or run tests in your website by gathering useful information.

2. Get to know your competitors

Do your benchmark it will help you uncover what are your weaknesses and opportunities are.

  • what channels are they using?website?social media networks
  • how active are they? are they attending to networking events?
  • are they recruiting?
  • have you checked their website?

There are tonnes of tools to sneak into your competitor’s activity.  But relax I  will dive deep in my next posts.

3. Audit your previous communications performances

To avoid and feel overwhelmed, right down what have you done so far. What I call in-house communication and external communication.

What I mean with in-house communication, the messages you control:

  • your website content and SEO performances
  • your social media accounts performances
  • Your email marketing
  • images
  • videos
  • PR materials
  • Paid adverts on Google Adwords, facebook ads, twitter ads  etc

What I mean with external communication, is all the information  you have earned for free from others like:

  • other websites mentions
  • press mentions
  • bloggers that have talked about your services or products
  • positive reviews on Tripadvisor or google reviews.

4. Evaluate your resources and budget

You need to know perfectly where you can go and do with your available sources. They can be human resources and your budget.

Your team

Evaluate the performance of your people.The goal is to keep your team focused on what they are good for.Determine if you need to hire a digital marketing manager with enough knowledge or perhaps you want to outsource your digital presence with an agency but that will cost you quite a lot on your early SME stage.

The budget

Decide how much budget you are willing to spend on digital marketing it can be either or:

  1. paid promotions ( pay per click) only.
  2. or concentrate your efforts on content strategy, social media strategy and SEO.

5. Set measurable marketing goals

Once you have done all of the above-explained areas you must now set your KPI’s by big groups. I will summarize some of the most important ones, but I will dig into it on other posts so keep up! 🙂

website KPI’s

  • Increase your brand visibility. Example get 1000 registered members in 2 months.
  • Get 50%  more visitors than last 3months
  • optimize website
  • Increase returning visits
  • traffic sources
  • ETC

Social Media KPI’s

  • number of fans and followers per month
  • number of mentions
  • Inbound link, this refers to the number of links from other sites that are sending you traffic visitors
  • blog subscribers
  • top  blog posts
  • social shares
  • lead generation from social media
  • number of retweets
  • comments
  • traffic data, how many visitors on your web are coming from social media
  • videos views
  • etc

Remember that you only need to focus on the channels that your brand is active and where your prospects are. It’s all about common sense, you have to be where your buyer persona is and set measurable and realistic goals. Good luck!


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