Digital marketing is part of your strategic global marketing plan. It’s all your online marketing efforts you will leverage to connect with your audience and make them your future customers.

Traditional Marketing, it’s usually all forms of advertisement and promotions marketers create to sell a product or service offline. This type of traditional marketing is still very powerful nowadays, especially on TV, press, radio and specific magazines.

However, traditional marketing is quite expensive for  SME´s and not always reach your customers. I would recommend using both traditional marketing and digital marketing for your business if you have a low budget.

what really is digital marketing?

Entrepreneurs need to adapt to where their clients are. Consumers do their first market research online for any product. So it’s clear that you need to be online and have a website. Once you have the website done, digital marketing is all the tactics you will create to reach your buyer persona.

Digital marketing actions

  • asset on design and a friendly website
  • Research for your buyer Persona profile
  • Online Branding (colours, logos, fonts etc)
  • create graphic material, such as Ebooks, infographics, gifs, webinars
  • videos to educate your audience, or showcase your products
  • social media networks
  • create PR media support

Digital marketing purpose

  • SEO, optimisation of your website, content, photos, videos etc for search engines
  • content planning of your website’s blog (taking into account your business keywords)
  • create strategies to attract, educate, convert and delight your online consumer. Is what marketers know as Inbound marketing.
  • social media marketing, promote your brand and content
  • paid per click adverts ( PPC) on Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc
  • Influencer’s marketing plan, find an influencer to talk about your product or service. The goal is that they do it fo free but we will talk about it in another post.
  • Email marketing
  • Analyse your website’s analytics data, it helps you to prioritise the online actions and adapt them to the correct path

So presuming you already have a website and you don’t know where to start with all this overwhelming information. The first thing you should ask yourself is;

What are my business goals and how much budget you want to dedicate to your digital marketing strategy? Do I have time to do it myself? or do I need help from a digital marketer?

I can help you out with your step by step digital marketing plan.


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