As a small business entrepreneur, you should know first why your audience needs your solution and why your product or service brings value to their lives. So the first question you should ask yourself is what want my future customer from my startup. Every young entrepreneur needs to understand what is their audience made of.


First, every SME should collect data

Your audience is perhaps already out there discussing their problems. You can use Google Alerts where you can set up keyword alerts for your industry. Another free tool to collect data from forums or for “questions and answers” is Quora. Once in it, check the “advanced search operator” very powerful.

Social Mention is a real-time a social media tool that searches on what people are generating blogs, comments, bookmarks, events, news, videos etc. Google trends, is also a very powerful free tool to compare search terms and websites.

I don’t want to overwhelm you, but there is a lot of tools out there. But these ones are very good and free. The last one I want you to keep in mind is Hootsuite one of my all time favorite to monitor multiple social media networks and you can get personalized reports.

Second, check your in-house information

I will insist on the fact that in order to understand what is out there we need to look at ourselves first.

Evaluate your Google analytics, facebook analytics, Instagram analytics or twitter analytics audience, you will be able to see where your audience is coming from. From typing your business keywords, from twitter, facebook, a blog a forum? Another very useful way to evaluate your audience and learn what are their interests is asking them directly. First, ask your existing clients what drove them to you, yes pick up the phone and ask them!

Let’s say, you have a nice simple website and now you are getting more visits, emails and you are encouraging your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. So now run a survey with SurveyMonkey, with multiple choice questions explain to your existing audience you are doing a research to provide them a better service and that is only going to cost them 1 minute.

  • Ask them about their favorite social media
  • What newspapers or blogs they read
  • What radios, forums or TV shows they like
  • How much time do you spend finding for content
  • What type of content is more likely to suit you: blog posts, news, ebooks, videos, podcasts.
  • If you like a content how would you share it with your friends; by email, private message on facebook, Linkedin, copy paste link on WhatsApp or other?
  • How important is your product or service is for them
  • What is your biggest consideration when choosing this type of product

Don’t waste money on complicated digital marketing software, there are tons of free analytical tools out there. Use these simple techniques to track down your audiences.


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