Is not rare today to include on any digital marketing plan the term of influencer marketing. But what is it really?

Influencers are well known to be individuals who have an impact on specific niches like food, fashion, travel, sports, health, cars you name it etc. Influencers use platforms like Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, Facebook.

Nowadays they are becoming a key role for any branding exposure, marketers call that the affiliate marketing. Brands and influencers team up to promote a product in exchange for free products, money, and some kind of others recognitions like attending to special events.

This is an example I have found on Instagram of South African influencer:

Influencer south africa.png

These new social media stars have worked hard to create a blog, Vblog or any social media channel with a great identity which makes them unique and powerful for 4 reasons:

  1. They have an engaging audience
  2. Influencers have an authentic Image
  3. They have great relationships with their niche community
  4. They are new roll models

Well, the business of influencers has become a way of life, a business and a full-time job for some of them.

New marketing guidelines for social influencers.

The Uk’s Committee of Advertising Practice  (CAP) encourages Brands and influencers to be “clear and honest” when a post is promoted.

The purpose of this is to protect the consumers from a promoted content. Warn the followers and readers that they are about to see a promoted content.

The promoted posts of the influencers should include:

  • A hashtag #ad, #advertorial, #adversement
  • Any link added on the post falls under the same rule
  • Images showing a promoted product or brand should also include the #ad on the picture.

Should the Advertising Standards authority of South Africa do something about the South African Influencers?


Sources: The fashion LAW, The CAPThe Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa .


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