My purpose is to help small businesses and entrepreneurs to create a digital marketing strategy to boost their business online.

Stella Rueda2

I am a young digital Marketing consultant from Spain, I have created this blog to help South African entrepreneurs to understand how digital marketing can help your business.

It’s a very humble and simple blog that is the fruit of all the works that I have had in my career.  I had the chance to work with Spanish, French and South African entrepreneurs. I have 5  years experience in the Digital marketing and I keep on learning everyday news ways of reaching the online audience. It’s all about common sense and applying what is best for a business.

My early stages.

I have studied advertising a public relations in Spain. While studying I have been working in a couple of restaurants, and I’ve found quite a passion for this sector. I quickly began by being a restaurant manager in the city of Bilbao, a well-known city for its gastronomy and diversity of Michelling star.

After getting my college degree in 2009 in the begging of the Spanish Economic Crises. I realised that I should do something with my lack of work experience. It was the booming of Social Media and the online advertising. So I have decided to continue my studies in Madrid, focused on the MBA of digital marketing.

Mi first job was working for a photograph business entrepreneur that needed to create an online platform sell his services in Bilbao. Then in the end of 2009, I went back to Madrid and started working in a digital marketing agency as an account executive intern. Started to learn about Google Analytics, facebook Ads, Twitter Ads and Google Adwords. And this is how I began with my passion for Digital Marketing.

I have another passion and that is for food & beverages and restaurants. I am passionate about the food futures, the food tech environment and how global food Brands take action for these changes. I am also taking a closer look at how restaurants handle their online communication and on-site communications.

Wher I am Now?

After getting some experience in the marketing field I have continued with my education I did some Design and Ecommerce course like Joomla. I have worked as a freelance for small businesses in the Restauration sector, like gin bars, catering services and restaurants.

Then I have worked for Vodafone’s subsidiary as a community manager in 2010. But business didn’t go well for them in terms of investment.

End of 2011, I decided to travel and head my chance in Malta. Yes, I know why malta?  Because I wanted to improve my English in a country where the good weather is and digital skill are required. There I have worked for the Maltese Government in the Youth Department. I was responsible for the launching of the European Youth Card, I also was in charged of the business development and come along with digital marketing strategies and a PR Media Relations.

Back in Spain in 2012, I have work for a startup in the fashion sector. I was the digital marketing director and e-business developer. I have created from Scratch:

  • optimisation the e-commerce site for B2B and B2C
  • Searched for e-clients such as
  • Developed the whole online sales strategy along with the sales department.
  • Collaborated with press and bloggers for the Online Branding.
  • created SEO strategy and SEM campaigns
  • Content planning

Unfortunately, the startup went bankrupt so I have decided that I needed another point of view in my management skills. So I have found a job as Key Account Manager for an Insurance company.

Since in a multinational, you don’t have a big opportunity to grow, I have done my researches and found out that Cape Town is the big Hub for startups. South Africa is boiling with fresh ideas and THAT IS what keeps me motivated.

Here I am in Cape Town, where the business is, young and motivated entrepreneurs looking to grow their business online. Let me know what I can I do for your business.Please feel free to Contact me!

I could continue and send my self-flowers but I am not that kind of girl. Let’s have a chat or coffee maybe? let start communicating.