How I save you time on your influencer marketing campaign

As a Global Brand Influencer Marketing Manager, I am responsible for building relationships with brands and influencers across the globe.  I educate my clients/brands on the services and solutions that I provide with the adequate influencer marketing searching and reporting tools.

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How I create your influencer marketing campaign

Based on client briefings and budget, I will provide the brands:

  1. Influencer marketing Strategy proposal based on Influencers audience analytics that matches your targeted audience.
  2. Select the best category of influencers, macro, micro.
  3. Determine the type of influencers; lifestyle influencers, luxury influencers, crypto influencers, beauty influencers.
  4. Decide along with influencer the best platforms and type of posts for your next influencer marketing campaign, along with an estimated calendar.
  5. Ensure that content is aligned with brief
  6. Campaign management and reporting ROI

Tailor-made influencer marketing campaigns

All campaigns are tailored made to the unique needs of the brands and created in close collaboration with their marketing team. I will act as a consultant for the client during the influencer marketing campaign, ensuring that the optimal campaign format is offered to reach the digital marketing goals and the ROI.

I will clearly communicate the client’s briefings and goals to influencers, initiate creative brainstorms and to create the optimal campaign format with your marketing team and influencers.

Price negotiations and Influencers agreement

I will also do some price negotiations and I will be responsible for finalizing/negotiating other terms and details with influencers.

Full campaign management and content approval

When a partnership is closed, I will deal with the Campaign Management, to ensure optimal execution of the campaign and communication with the brands.

How to measure influencer marketing campaign?

If you have had bad influencer marketing campaign handling or a disappointing influencer marketing ROI this is the right place to get in touch with me. I will provide and report with my tracking tools showing the engagement rate, reach, impressions and conversions.

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